What Is Green Sourcing?

Sean Mullin

Green sourcing means acquiring goods and services in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Local producers are greener sources because they ship their products over shorter distances. Both businesses and consumers support green sourcing when they purchase supplies produced locally.

Growing your own vegetables reduces the need for commercially shipped vegetables.


Shipping products by truck, ship and plane becomes more expensive as oil and gasoline prices increase. Businesses and consumers also pay for the waste that packaging and shipping add to the cost of products. Green sourcing reduces these costs by emphasizing local sources for products.


Green sourcing is typically cheaper than traditional sourcing methods because shipping costs are lower for local products. Businesses that adopt green sourcing build a positive reputation in the community for environmental awareness while they reduce their costs.


Businesses and consumers who use green sourcing are more financially efficient, and they reduce society's overall need for fossil fuels. When local businesses receive more money, communities become stronger.