The Best Way to Repel Flies From My House & Patio Area

Flies are bothersome insects that linger around both indoor and outdoor areas. When the flies buzz over food and around family members, it leaves the area sometimes feeling dirty and uncared for.

Keep flies away with basil leaves.

Patio areas that are to be enjoyed by friends and family can turn into fly pits that rush friends and family indoors, quickly ruining the experience of your outdoor space.

  1. Place basil leaves around food that is out in the open. This works especially well when having picnics or barbecues on the patio. The basil works as a natural fly repellent that will assist in keeping flies away from food spreads.

  2. Use mint to repel flies. Burn mint-scented candles, sprinkle crushed mint leaves or drizzle mint essential oil around the home and patio to repel the flies. For a mint-scented spray, mix about 2 cups of water with 20 drops of mint essential oil and spray in the air.

  3. Spray eucalyptus oil or drizzle it around the patio and home. To spray, fill a bottle with about 2 cups of water and 20 drops of eucalyptus oil. Spray as needed throughout the day or evening to keep the flies at bay.