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What Is SanaGloss on Toilets?

Christopher John

SanaGloss is a patented glaze that is used on toilets manufactured by Toto. It is sometimes mistakenly spelled Sani-Gloss. The gloss is engineered to aid the owner in maintaining the toilet's cleanliness and appearance, as opposed to other toilets. SanaGloss is only available on a select range of Toto toilets.

What it Does

The idea behind SanaGloss is to keep the homeowner from having to use chemicals to clean a dirty, stained toilet. The gloss accomplishes this by providing a surface that is exceptionally smooth and inhibiting for debris and mold to cling to. The toilets equipped with SanaGloss are therefore able to go longer periods of time without the deep cleaning that other toilets may need due to buildup.


With the toilet requiring less deep cleaning, that involves using less water and less toilet cleaners containing chemicals. When a toilet bowl especially is cleaned, the chemicals are flushed down the toilet drain to rinse out the interior of the bowl. Using the chemicals less frequently helps efforts to reduce the chemicals that travel to water treatment systems. Also, less water used for cleaning helps reduce a home's overall indoor water usage.

How it Operates

The SanaGloss seal on the toilet uses two barriers to keep debris from establishing a resting point on the surface of the toilet bowl interior. An ionized barrier is actually behind the especially smooth surface of SanaGloss, while a catalyzed ion barrier acts as a repellent. When the toilet is flushed, unwanted particles have less footing, and are therefore swept out of the toilet bowl along with the water and waste.

SanaGloss Toilets

Toto does not offer SanaGloss on all of its toilets. The toilets that presently have the SanaGloss feature are both commercial and residential fixtures. Residential models include the Promenade round-bowl model, that uses 1.6 gallons per flush; the Promenade elongated with 1.6 and 1.28 gpf; the Drake II two-piece, with 1.28 gpf; and the Vespin II two-piece high-efficiency, 1.28 gpf toilets. Commercial models include the Flushometer HET, using 1.28 gpf, along with its ADA-compliant version; and the Flushometer high-efficiency toilet, 1.28 gpf, top inlet spud.