Visa Porta Potty 248 Operating Instructions

Julius Vandersteen

When you go camping in the woods, take a boat out on the water or roar off for adventure in your recreational vehicle, you may be leaving civilization, but there’s no need to leave all the comforts of home behind—at least not the flush toilet.

Use a Visa Porta Potty 248 when you go camping.

One option is the Visa Porta Potty 248, a portable chemical toilet made by Sanitation Equipment, which has been producing toilets for use on land and sea since 1949.

  1. Grasp the edge of the water fill cap, located at the top right corner on the Visa Porta Potty 248, and pull it up to remove it. Pour fresh water into the water tank to the bottom of the fill tube, and then press the water fill cap back on.

  2. Push the pump up and down repeatedly to add water to the bowl before use. Apply petroleum jelly or grease to the pump shaft periodically to lubricate it.

  3. Pull the handle on the front of the toilet straight out to flush the toilet after use. Push the handle back to close the flush valve. Operate the pump while flushing to rinse the bowl.

  4. Pull the handle on the front of the toilet straight out to open the flush valve, and then pour chemical deodorizer into the bowl, through which it will enter the waste holding tank. Read the directions on the chemical deodorizer’s packaging to know how much to pour in. Pump water, which will go through the bowl into the waste holding tank to cover its bottom surface, and then push the handle back to close the valve. Agitate the toilet to mix the water and chemical deodorizer.


If you change altitude while traveling, the pressure may build up in the toilet’s waste holding tank. Open and close the toilet’s flush valve to check for pressure build-up while keeping the lid and seat closed.