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My Jabsco Electric Toilet Won't Flush

Jane Meggitt

Jabsco electric marine toilets, available in various styles, are found in what the manufacturer refers to as "the smallest cabin" in boats around the world. The company offers both manual and electric versions, with converter kits for those changing the manual version to an electric toilet. Prevention is the best cure for keeping the electric unit flushing properly. If the pump is at fault, replacement, not repair, is the only option.


Install a Jabsco eletric toilet in your boat.

Jabsco warns, "Do not put anything in the toilet unless you have eaten it first, except toilet paper." That means no tampons, sanitary napkins, facial tissues or similar items that will clog the toilet, affecting its ability to flush. Make sure to use the toilet correctly, which means pressing the foot switch before use to add water to the bowl. After using the toilet, press the foot switch again to add additional water that flushes the waste. The toilets contain a macerator, which grinds feces and toilet paper into a semi-liquid state before discharge.

Power Outage

Because it is an electric toilet, any power outage will cause it to stop functioning. If you upgrade the manual Jabsco toilet to an electric version, the company recommends keeping the manual pump for refitting if power fails. Otherwise, you must wait until power restoration before flushing the toilet. When installing the toilet, connect its power supply to a primary distribution board, making sure there is sufficient amperage available for its operation.


Depending on the toilet's model, Jabsco offers four discharge options. The first discharges wastes directly into an area of nonrestricted water via the toilet's pump, along with an anti-siphon loop. If this is the discharge method and the toilet isn't flushing, check to see if the anti-siphon loop needs correction or replacement. The second option collects waste in a holding tank on board for later discharge in unrestricted waters, using either an electric or manual pump. The third option collects waste in a holding tank for later discharge in a shore station, using the station's dockside pump. A fourth option combines the second and third option for waste discharge flexibility.


If wastewater returns to the bowl after flushing, check the toilet's nonreturn valve. If the bowl won't empty, check the flush pump. You may have to remove it for cleaning. After cleaning, if the flush pump still malfunctions or if it appears broken, you must replace it. Contact your local Jabsco dealer for a replacement pump.