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How to Install a Gerber Toilet

Nathan McGinty

Gerber toilets come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. The toilets also feature economical operation and some are certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Water Sense program. The steps for installing a Gerber toilet are the same as installing other toilets. The most important part of installing a toilet is to ensure that the mounting surface is free of debris to give the toilet proper footing.

  1. Clear off the area around the toilet flange. Vacuum up any debris and use a putty knife to scrape up any sealant on the floor.

  2. Insert the two flange bolts into either side of the flange with the threads pointing up. Slip the plastic holders over the ends of the bolts. The bolts should be aligned at 90-degree angles on either side of the flange when looking at them from the front.

  3. Press the wax ring into place around the flange opening.

  4. Lift the toilet bowl and align it over the flange opening. The bolts at the sides should line up with the holes in the base of the toilet. Slowly lower the toilet onto the flange when aligned. Press the toilet bowl into the floor to secure it.

  5. Insert the plastic followed by the metal flange washers over the flange. Tighten the flange nuts into place to secure the threads. Tighten the nuts by hand. Once secure, tighten each side with an adjustable wrench.

  6. Lift up the toilet tank and place it on the back of the bowl. Insert the tank bolts through the bottom of the tank and secure from beneath with the tank nuts.

  7. Wrap the threads on the water supply valve, located on the wall or floor, and the toilet tank inlet with plumber's tape. Connect a water supply hose or pipe to the water supply valve followed by the inlet on the underside of the toilet's tank.

  8. Open the water supply valve by turning the knob counterclockwise. Check the tank while it fills and watch for leaks. Tighten the tank bolts, if necessary. Flush the toilet and watch for leaks, tightening any couplings or nuts, if necessary.

  9. Apply a bead of silicone caulk around the base of the toilet with a caulk gun.

  10. Use a hacksaw to saw off the tops of the tank bolts. Press the plastic caps into place to cover the bolts.