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How to Attach a Toilet Seat Lid

Kenneth Crawford

When the toilet seat lid comes loose or breaks off the hinge, you will need to replace the lid. Toilet seat lids are available at home improvement centers. You can purchase a complete seat and lid combination, or you can purchase the lid separately. If you decide to replace the lid only, you will need to pick up the securing screws for the seat hinge. Take one of the existing screws from the broken lid to match the new screws.

  1. Locate where the toilet seat hinge connects to the toilet bowl. Pull the covers up on the hinge to reveal the bolt that secures the toilet seat. The cover will pop up as you pull with your fingers.

  2. Go under the toilet and remove the two nuts securing the bolts with a pair of pliers. The nuts are not real tight and should turn counterclockwise with little difficulty.

  3. Pull the toilet seat off the toilet bowl and place the seat on a flat surface. Remove the two screws on each hinge that secure the toilet lid to the hinge with a Phillips-head screwdriver, if you are replacing the lid only.

  4. Attach the new lid to the hinge with the retaining screws. The lid will have locations for the screws to connect. Do not overtighten the screws.

  5. Place the toilet seat combination on top of the toilet bowl. Line the mounting holes for the bracket over the mounting holes on the toilet bowl. Insert the two mounting bolts and secure the bolts from the bottom with the two nuts. Tighten the nuts with a pair of pliers.