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How to Clean Kohler Toilets

Perry Piekarski

Cleaning your bathroom is something that should be done fairly often. When it comes to cleaning Kohler brand toilets, you won't have much trouble, as the process only takes a few minutes to prepare and complete, especially if you already have the right materials for the job on hand.

  1. Spray the soft abrasive cloth with a heavy-duty bathroom cleaning agent of your choice.

  2. Use the soft abrasive cloth to wipe and clean the porcelain components of the toilet, working from top to bottom. Start with the top of the toilet and work down from there, spraying more of the cleaning agent as needed. Scrub thoroughly at the areas that appear to be extra dirty. When cleaning inside the bowl, flush the toilet to rinse out the excess debris as you scrub.

  3. Dry the parts of the toilet you've washed using the soft drying cloth.

  4. Use a window cleaner or mild detergent along with a soft non-abrasive cloth to clean the seat. Use a toothbrush to clean all of the nooks and crannies.

  5. Dry the seat using a soft drying cloth.