How to Clean Toto Toilets

Corey M. Mackenzie

Toto manufactures many bathroom items, including bidets and toilets. Toto toilet bowls are made from vitreous china. The lid and seat may be made from this material, plastic or other materials. Some Toto toilets have a special glazed finish that helps keep the toilet cleaner longer.

Whether your toilet has this glaze or not, cleaning is the same. Do it frequently (sufficient frequency depends on usage) and use appropriate cleaning products.


Friendlyplumber.com states you can use household bleach as an alternative to commercial toilet cleaners. Do not ever mix the two. Regularly using a toilet brush on your toilet, in between heavier cleanings, can help prevent grime and mineral build-up in the toilet bowl.


Friendlyplumber.com warns you should never use any other cleaning product with commercial toilet bowl cleaners, nor should you use these products on any surface other than vitreous china.

Toto recommends avioding abrasive cleaners on their toilets.

  1. Put on protective eyewear as toilet cleaning chemicals can be very caustic. For the same reason, as well as sanitary reasons, wear rubber gloves. Open a window, if possible, for ventilation. At the least, keep the bathroom door open as cleaner fumes are toxic.

  2. Open a bottle of non-abrasive toilet cleaner. Point the top just beneath the rim of the inner part of the Toto toilet bowl. Squirt the product all around the inner rim.

  3. Leave the room and let the cleaning product have ample time--check the label-- to work on the toilet. If you have pets or young children in the home, secure the bathroom door to prevent their contact with the cleaning chemical.

  4. Use a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the toilet bowl thoroughly. Close the lid (to prevent splashing the chemical) and flush the toilet to rinse out the bowl.

  5. Wet a sponge in warm water. Apply either a general bathroom cleaner or antibacterial soap to the sponge. Use this to wash the seat, the lid and other areas of the Toto toilet.

  6. Rinse out the sponge and wipe over the outer toilet surfaces again. This is to remove cleaner residue. You may dry the toilet’s exterior with a soft towel, if you wish.