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Mounting Height of Urinals Above Floor

Kathy Adams

Installing a wall-mounted urinal requires following basic plumbing codes. For standard home use, 24 inches is the general height requirement for a wall-mounted urinal. That's the measurement from the lip or rim of the urinal to the floor. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires a lower height for some users.

A urinal's front rim should be 2 feet off the floor.

General Installation Height

A height of 24 inches from the top edge or rim of the urinal down to the floor is standard for a wall urinal. Check with your local building codes for potential slight variations before installing, as it is possible your community has specific regulations regarding urinals.

Accessible Installation Guidelines

If any male in your home who may use the urinal is wheelchair-bound, the urinal height is bound by the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, guidelines for accessibility. The distance from the floor to the urinal's front rim or lip should be 17 inches.