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How to Hang a Ladder from the Ceiling

B.T. Alo

Old wooden ladders are great as repurposed pot racks in the kitchen. You can either hang the ladder in its rough-and-ready rustic state, or give it a lick of paint to jazz it up a little.

Turn an antique wooden ladder into a rustic pot rack.

While an old ladder is ideal because it has lots of character, it is important that the ladder also be structurally sound since it will be holding a lot of weight.

  1. Climb the stepladder and use the stud finder to locate the ceiling studs in the area you want to hang the ladder. Mark the stud positions with a pencil.

  2. Drill four pilot holes, sized to fit the toggle bolts, right through the ceiling studs. They should be an inch or two closer together than the length of the ladder, to minimize swing on the ladder rack.

  3. Insert the toggle bolts into the pilot holes, with the eye portion facing down. You will know when the bolt penetrates through the stud because you will hear a “pop” as the toggle springs open.

  4. Drill four pilot holes in the corners of the ladder and insert the eyebolts.

  5. Attach four lengths of chain to each of the eyes on the toggle bolts using an S-hook, then hang an S-hook from the length of chain, at the height you want the ladder to hang.

  6. Climb the step ladder again and have your helper pass one end of the ladder to you. Attach the S-hooks on the chain to the eyebolts in the ladder, then, with the helper supporting the ladder, move to the ladder to the other end and attach the second half of the ladder to the S-hooks on the chain.