How to Shorten the Cord on Blinds

Tina Amo

Cords on blinds can be a safety hazard if they are too long. The post a danger for babies if the crib is close to the blinds. It is also possible for a fire to spread with long blinds cords. It is best to trim the cord to a length that is comfortable and safe.

Cut long cords to a comfortable length.

Take precautions to avoid inadvertently damaging the blinds.

  1. Shut the blinds to ensure that the cords are at maximum length.

  2. Untie the knot at the end of the tassels. Slide the tassels off the cords.

  3. Determine a comfortable length for the cords. They must be long enough to hold without you having to stretch to reach them. Cut the cords at a point that is about 1 inch longer than the desired length.

  4. Thread the tassels back onto the cord. Tie about three knots with the extra 1 inch of cord under each tassel.