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How to Get Oil Out of Tile

Mel Frank

Oil doesn't mix with water, and oil isn't an especially good match for tile, either. If your tile is protected by a sealant, you can clean up most small oil spills with a paper towel or damp sponge. But when oil is given time to pool and penetrate into your tiles, you'll need to employ a more comprehensive solution.

Fortunately, you can get oil out of tile using materials that most households already have in the home.

  1. Blot up as much oil as possible with paper towels. Do not rub, because that would spread the oil to a larger area.

  2. Pour a thin layer of talcum powder over any leftover oil, then vacuum up the powder after 15 minutes.

  3. Sprinkle baking soda over the oily portion of the tile spot, then drizzle a small amount of grease-cutting dish soap over the baking soda. Gently scrub the area with a nylon scrub brush. Finish by wiping the baking soda/soap mix away with a damp cleaning rag.

  4. Mop the area with a solution of 1 cup white vinegar to 1 gallon water. The vinegar quickly cuts through oily residue and diluting it makes it safe for use on any type of tile or grout.