The Best Ways to Paint Vinyl Siding

Painting vinyl siding is a cost effective way of revitalizing the exterior of a home. A new color changes the look of a home and the home looks new again. Considering the best way to paint vinyl siding prevents future damage to the exterior. There is a right way to paint vinyl siding and a wrong way.

Vinyl siding must be painted properly to prevent damage.


The most important part of painting vinyl siding is cleaning the entire exterior before applying any paint. Dirt and mold accumulate on the siding, and if it is not cleaned off, the paint will not stick to the surface of the vinyl. Liquid laundry soap or dish washing liquid is the best way to clean the vinyl. Utilize vinegar or bleach for any areas of the vinyl siding that have mildew or mold visible. Scrub the surface with a soft bristle brush and rinse thoroughly. Allow the exterior to dry before applying any paint to the vinyl.


It is important to remember that painting vinyl siding is challenging because the vinyl siding contracts and expands with the elements. Choosing the right color will prevent damage to the vinyl. A lot of vinyl is lighter in color because vinyl retains heat. Choosing a paint color that is too dark will cause the siding to buckle or warp because the vinyl retains too much heat. A light color, slightly different than the original color of the vinyl siding, is recommended. For example, using an off-white, yellow or beige is the best way to paint white vinyl siding.


Ask the advice of a painting professional when choosing the type of paint used for vinyl siding. Paint manufacturers supply specific types of paint to use for vinyl siding and some even come with a warranty, according to Askthebuilder.com. Again, vinyl expands and contracts considerably over the course of a season, and the paint must compensate for this factor. The best paint used for this is the paints blended with acrylic and urethane. A water-based acrylic sticks to the vinyl best. Urethane latex paints work well on vinyl siding, and both minerals are listed on the labels of the paint.


Applying paint on hot summer days in direct sunlight is not a good idea. Wait for a cooler, overcast day before applying paint. Try to keep from painting in direct sunlight because the paint drys before it sticks to the vinyl and will peel off quickly. Painting on an overcast day allows the paint to dry at a moderate level and maintains its adhesive qualities, which is a requirement for painting vinyl. Apply two coats of paint to get the full effect of the paint color.