How to Trap House Centipedes

The house centipede, known scientifically as Scutigera coleoptrata, is a species of arthropod with a long body and several pairs of legs. A distant relative of the spider, the house centipede is equally adept at causing revulsion and unease among homeowners.

Because of its predatory nature, the house centipede cannot be baited like ants and other insects -- it would much prefer to eat another small creature than any poison bait you leave for it. Centipedes can still be caught, however, with varying degrees of success, by placing traps in their customary routes around your home.

  1. Observe the house centipedes in your home, paying attention to the paths they usually take when scurrying through a room.

  2. Lay sticky traps in their way. If you can't determine which routes are commonly used, default to the edges and corners of the room. Corners in particular are often traversed by centipedes on the move.

  3. Replace used traps daily. If a trap fails to catch any centipedes, leave it for a few days and then consider moving it to a different location.

  4. Tip

    Trapping other, smaller bugs can also help reduce centipede populations. Without a food source, house centipedes will leave in search of a new home.