How to Temporarly Hang Something From the Ceiling

Tara Dooley

How you hang something from a ceiling depends a lot on what it is and how heavy. To put up something temporarily, you should be careful to cause no damage. However, if the object is heavy, safety should be the greater concern, and repairs will be inevitable.

Just be sure you have a matching ceiling paint before you start.

  1. Tape lightweight items such as posters or crepe paper to the ceiling with masking tape or painter's tape. This type of tape comes off easily, especially if it isn't attached long. And it won't remove paint on the ceiling.

  2. Attach stick-and-remove clips to the ceiling for slightly heavier items such as strings of lanterns used for a party. These clips stick fast to a surface but can be removed with ease. There is a tap to pull on when you want to take the clip off, and this releases the hold.

  3. Find a ceiling joist using a stud finder. If you plan to hang something heavy from the ceiling, even temporarily, the safety of those who walk beneath is most important. Things such as a picture in a frame or a suspended display need more support than tape or sticky clips. Use a drill to screw hooks or screws into the ceiling joist to secure the item. Have putty and matching paint on hand for when you remove the item. Fill the holes with putty, let them dry for a few hours and sand then smooth with the ceiling surface. Paint with matching ceiling paint.