How to Paint Leaves in Acrylic

Jeffery Keilholtz

Painting is a wonderful way to express your creativity. Acrylic paint offers a dense consistency, producing a thickness and depth to the image. Acrylic paint is applicable to canvas, paper or wood. Painting leaves and foliage with acrylics boosts the appeal of the image.

Use several brush sizes.

Acrylics offer a unique boldness and texture to leaves. Mastering your skill with acrylic paint provides you with a past time you can enjoy for years.

  1. Find an old paint brush of medium size with warped and tattered bristles. Dip the bristles into acrylic paint.

  2. Use the stippling painting technique. Hold the tips of the bristles perpendicular to the canvas. Press the bottom of the bristles straight down onto the canvas – with a splat-like quality. Pull the brush up and off the canvas – completing the stippling painting maneuver. The tattered bristles will provide a crackled look to the leaf-like design.

  3. Pick up a small-sized brush. Dip the brush into paint of a different hue – lighter or darker in tone than the first paint. Paint in the spaces left by the initial leaf marking with this alternate color. Trace the leaf with brown or black outlines for highlighting or shading qualities. Repeat steps one through three for additional leaves.

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