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How to Move a Pallet of Bricks

Louis Gutierrez

Brick pavers and other brick products transform the look of your driveways, patios, and other outdoor surfaces. The brick pavers arrive in pallets for easy moving to their final location. The heavy weight of the bricks make it difficult to carry each piece manually.

Pallets help you move heavy items quickly and easily.

This is why it is important to have the right equipment to move the entire brick pallet closer to its final location. With the brick pallets next to their destination you can install the bricks quickly and efficiently.

  1. Turn on the forklift and drive it into position to move the pallet of bricks.

  2. Drive the forklift with the forks down so they line up with the pallet. Lift the brick pavers up two feet off the ground. Thepavers are heavy and can cause the forklift to tip over. If you need to lift it up more than two feet to pass an obstacle, do it only near the obstacle.

  3. Drive the forklift to the location where you want to place the pallet. Lower the pallet onto the floor and turn off the forklift. If you cannot fit the forklift to get to the location where you need to take the bricks, use the pallet jack.

  4. Push the pallet jack into the pallet. Pump up the pallet until it is about six inches off the floor. Push the pallet jack into the final location. The weight of the bricks might be too much for you to push the pallet jack by yourself. If this is the case, have an assistant help you push the pallet jack into place. If the load is still too heavy, start unloading bricks by hand until you reduce the weight of the pallet sufficiently so you canpush it by hand.