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How to Move an 8-Foot by 10-Foot Wooden Shed in Your Yard

Jim Wildman

An outdoor storage shed can provide additional storage space needed around your house. One of the advantages of a wooden shed is that it can be moved if needed. The wooden shed can be moved without any large equipment, special tools and without tearing up the yard.

A typical wood storage shed

The do-it-yourself handyman can move the shed with the help of a few friends and a few tools.

  1. Determine the location for the shed. Be sure you are not placing the shed on any utility easements or property setbacks. Some neighborhoods have codes for the size, style and placements of sheds that must also be taken into account.

  2. Check to see if there are any permits required by local governments.

  3. Remove all items from inside the shed.

  4. Jack up the side of the shed in the direction you want to move it. Use a floor jack and a scrap piece of plywood to set the jack on. The floor jack can raise the shed enough to slip the PVC pipe under the wood foundation. You may need to dig a little to get the jack under the foundation. A spade will work for this.

  5. Slide a section of PVC schedule 40 pipe under the edge of the shed. You may need to move the jack around the foundation until you get 2 to 3 sections of PVC pipe under the foundation. PVC pipe is available at your local plumbing or building supply store.

  6. Place a section of PVC pipe in front of the shed so as it is moved it will roll onto the next section of PVC pipe.

  7. Move the last section of PVC pipe from behind the shed and place it in front of the shed as you move across the yard. With the help of a few friends you will be able to move it across the yard.

  8. Jack up the shed to remove the PVC pipes when you get the shed into position.

  9. Tip

    Use only schedule 40 PVC pipe; this pipe is thick and can support the shed's weight. By pushing on one corner of the shed you can change directions slowly as you move. Place a layer of gravel over a piece of plastic for a foundation of the shed. This will help to keep the wood from contact with the ground and keep it from rotting.


    Don't try and go too fast so you don't take a chance of getting your hands or feet pinched