How to Build a Porch With Pallets

Building a porch with pallets is an economical way to recycle wood and help conserve natural resources. With a little imagination, you can build a porch out of pallets and save money on the lumber. Many pallets are available for free at local stores and warehouses.

  1. Level the ground in the area where you are building the porch. Use a rake to move the dirt from the high spots to the low spots. Add more dirt with the shovel, if necessary, to fill in the low spots in the ground.

  2. Put the pallets in the desired location on the ground. Slide the pallets together until they are flush. You can make your porch in the shape of a square or a rectangle, depending on your preference. Use as many pallets as necessary to form the base of the porch.

  3. Lay plywood on top of the pallets to make a floor on top of the pallets. The plywood should be flush with the sides of the pallets. Add additional sheets of plywood until all of the pallets are covered. Use a circular saw to cut the plywood to fit the deck.

  4. Place a screw bit into an electric drill. Follow the drill manufacturer's instructions concerning installation of the screw bit. Use the drill to drive wood screws through the plywood to secure the sheets to the pallets. Place screws about every 6 inches along the edge of the plywood sheets. The plywood will hold the pallets together and keep the porch from moving.