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How to Waterproof Splice an Electrical Wire

Erick Kristian

Waterproofing a spliced electrical wire can be done in minutes using waterproof caulk and electrical tape. Even though the spliced wire is waterproofed it should still be kept out of water if possible. Over time, water, especially salt water can corrode the plastic sheet on the cable and erode the caulk.

Caulk is used to seal cracks and leaks; especially for waterproofing.

For damp or moist areas that get moderate amounts of water this should not be an issue. The caulk should be used liberally.

Waterproof Your Wire

  1. Purchase a waterproof caulk that is designed to work with rubber.

  2. Seal the spliced electrical connection with electrical tape. Wrap the tape around the connection and two adjoining wires. The electrical tape should completely cover the connection.

  3. Apply waterproof caulk all over the electrical tape. The caulk should be laid on thick. The caulk should also extend down the two ends of the splice about an inch past from where the electrical tape ends. Allow the caulk to dry. The splice is now waterproof.