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How to Glue Towel Bars to Glass

Amy Lukavics

Towel bars are usually installed with brackets that are drilled into the wall. Surfaces like ceramic tile or glass shower doors, however, require a different approach to properly secure the towel bar. The bar must be secured with an adhesive, and latex caulk acts as the perfect glue for the job. This task is actually easier than installing wall brackets.

Caulk makes an amazing glue for towel bars.
  1. Wipe the area that the towel bar will be attached to, using rubbing alcohol.

  2. Apply a dot of caulk on each end of the towel bar and press it into the glass. Use a piece of masking tape on the top ends of each side of the towel bar to anchor it to the glass. Let it sit for at least an hour.

  3. Caulk the perimeters of the towel bar ends. Wet your finger and rub it over the caulking joints to smooth them. Allow to sit overnight.

  4. Remove the masking tape and caulk the area that the tape blocked. Smooth the area using your wet finger again and allow the towel bar to sit another 12 hours before using.