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How to Remove a Stuck Glass Stopper From a Bottle

Lorna Hordos

It's likely that countless gallons of good wine, whiskey and perfume sit locked away by a stuck glass stopper. A glass stopper and bottle fit together like cone-and-socket joints, but can become "locked" or wedged together from something as insignificant as a speck of grit or poorly angled positioning. If running warm water over the parts doesn't loosen them, an unconventional trick can help you solve the dilemma relatively quickly, easily and, most important, safely, without the use of excessive wrenching -- or a hammer.

Step 1

Fold a terrycloth bath towel in half twice to make a padded surface for your bottle. Line the bathroom sink with the folded towel.

Step 2

Plug the electric razor into a nearby razor-only outlet or a ground fault circuit interrupter -- GFCI -- outlet.

Step 3

Turn on the razor. Tilt the razor so that the blade faces away from you. Hold the bottle upright on the towel. Use the vibration from the razor's edge -- not the blade area -- to loosen the stopper. The vibration acts as a mini jackhammer, gently knocking the wedge loose. Work the vibration slowly and carefully around the stopper and bottleneck. Stop every 15 seconds or so to check if the stopper is free.

Step 4

Check the bottleneck interior and stopper for chipped glass or other debris that may have caused the parts to become stuck, once you get the stopper out. If the parts are in good condition, empty the bottle's contents into another bottle or container. Clean and dry the bottle and stopper before using them again. If any area is chipped, dispose of the contents and the damaged item.