My Frigidaire's Ice-Maker Arm Is Stuck

The Frigidaire icemaker automatically shuts off once it produces enough ice.

Switch Turned Off

The icemaker arm sticks when obstructed with pieces of ice or debris. When the arm sticks, the icemaker either continues producing ice after the bin reaches its full capacity, or the arm may not produce any ice at all. Troubleshooting the stuck arm yourself saves time and money.

While the Frigidaire icemaker arm seems stuck, sometimes the switch may be in the off position. Look at the icemaker switch and determine if it is turned to the on or “I” position. The switch is on the icemaker’s side or back. If the icemaker is on, move the arm downward and upward ensuring that ice or debris are not jamming it. Do not use too much force moving the arm because you may damage it.

Blocked Arm

When the Frigidaire icemaker arm appears stuck, carefully inspect the icemaker signal arm. When you jam items in the freezer or place them near the icemaker, they can make the signal arm stick. The items hold the arm down causing the icemaker to keep making ice. Turn the icemaker off. Move all items from the signal arm and release it. If you do not notice any items blocking the ice arm, inspect the ice cubes carefully. Sometimes, ice cubes freeze over the arm causing it to stick. Loosen the stuck ice with warm water.

Ice Container

The icemaker arm can stick when the bin contains large chunks of ice. When the ice in the bin melts, it freezes around the icemaker parts. Turn the icemaker off before removing it. Slide the bin out of the freezer and let the ice completely melt. Pour the melted ice down the sink drain and wash the container with warm, soapy water. Before replacing the ice bin, inspect the freezer for any loose pieces of ice. Thoroughly dry the icemaker with a towel. Replace the ice bin into the freezer and turn the icemaker back on so it produces new ice.

Tips and Warnings

Always read your refrigerator’s instruction manual before fixing the stuck arm. Specific Frigidaire models may have important information. Never break ice apart with an ice pick or sharp object. Never rotate the auger inside the ice bin because it may prevent the freezer from producing ice. Do not clean the ice bin or freezer with abrasive cleaners, bleaches or concentrated cleaners.

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