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Fixing a Jammed LG Refrigerator Ice Maker

Chad Buleen

LG refrigerators employ advanced methods to create ice within the freezer. For example, in addition to offering cubed or crushed ice, some LG refrigerators also feature an "Ice Plus" feature. When this function is activated, the freezer lowers its temperature to its coldest possible level for 24 hours to increase ice production. You can see when this feature is activated by checking the indicator on the appliance's LED display.

Step 1

Move the lever arm in the ice maker to the "Up" position to stop the freezer from making ice.

Step 2

Flip the "On/Off" switch on the ice maker to "Off." Not all models have this switch. If your model lacks this switch, go to the next step.

Step 3

Insert a plastic utensil in the ice maker to clear out the ice that may be stuck around the auger or inside the ice chute. Closely examine the area where the water line enters the freezer and the ice is formed at the back of the ice maker. Break up any ice stuck in this area. When ice cubes stick together, this prevents the ice from coming out of the chute or the auger from moving and mixing the ice.

Step 4

Press the lever in the ice maker down and turn the "On/Off" switch to "On."