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How to Fix a GE Cafe Series Ice Maker

Chad Buleen

GE Cafe Series appliances are designed to give homeowners the same kind of technology in their kitchens that those who own restaurants and cafes have in theirs. One of the appliances in the GE Cafe series is the refrigerator with ice maker. This bottom-freezer refrigerator features an ice maker and water dispenser. You can often fix a GE ice maker by troubleshooting and remedying the problem yourself. Professional help may not be needed.

Step 1

Flip the ice maker power switch to "On." This switch is located on the side of the ice maker bin. A green light turns on when the ice maker is functional, but the green light only shines when the freezer is closed or when you manually press in the freezer light switch.

Step 2

Check the water line. When you install a new GE Cafe series refrigerator, you must do more than simply plug in the power cord to the wall outlet. The water dispenser and the ice maker will not work until the water line from your kitchen's water supply is connected to the inlet valve at the bottom of the back of the refrigerator. If the line is connected, make sure it is not twisted or kinked in a way that would prevent water from flowing through it.

Step 3

Wait approximately 24 hours after you hook up your refrigerator and freezer before attempting to remove ice from the ice maker. The GE Cafe series ice maker reaches its optimal ice-creating temperature when it reaches 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It can take several hours for the appliance to reach this temperature and create a significant supply of ice.

Step 4

Open the lid to the ice maker's bin and level the ice cubes by hand if you find that the ice cubes are protruding out of the bin. These out-of-place ice cubs could cause the wire shutoff arm to be stuck in the up position. When the wire arm is up, the ice maker ceases making ice.

Step 5

Turn off the ice maker when the green power light on the device flashes. This light indicates that ice cubes are stuck in the ice maker. Insert your hand into the bin and pull out any pieces of ice that have stuck together and are impeding the creation of ice. These troublesome pieces of ice are probably located at the top of the ice bin where ice is dumped into the bin after being formed. Then turn the ice maker back on.