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How to Remove the Freezer Panel From a GE Profile Refrigerator

Andrew Todd

The freezer panel in your General Electric (GE) refrigerator's freezer covers many components -- including the evaporator coils, evaporator fan, defrost heater and thermostat -- that are essential to the proper operation of your refrigerator. To service any of these items, you must first remove the contents of the freezer, including the shelving, then remove the rear panel of the freezer. The panel is secured using several screws and can be quickly removed.

Step 1

Unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet.

Step 2

Remove all of the contents from the freezer.

Step 3

Remove the shelves and drawers from the freezer.

Step 4

Remove the drawer rails from the sidewall of the freezer by removing the screws holding them in place.

Step 5

Lift the light cover, then remove it from the rear wall of the freezer.

Step 6

Unscrew the light bulb from the light socket, then remove it.

Step 7

Remove the screws that secure the rear panel of the refrigerator, then pull the green grounding wire off the top of the panel.

Step 8

Lift the lower panel up, then pull it away from the rear wall to remove it.

Step 9

Pull the ice bucket and cover away from the ice maker and remove them.

Step 10

Unclip the ice maker wire connector from the top of the auger motor, then remove it.

Step 11

Remove the screws that secure the auger motor assembly to the refrigerator.

Step 12

Pull the auger motor assembly out of the freezer, then disconnect the wire connector from the rear of the ice maker. Remove the auger motor assembly.

Step 13

Remove the lower screws on the upper freezer panel, and loosen the upper screws on the freezer panel.

Step 14

Use a flat-head screwdriver to depress the tabs that secure the wire harness to the upper freezer panel.

Step 15

Squeeze the retaining clip located below the wire harness with needle-nose pliers to release it.

Step 16

Lift the upper-rear panel up and out of the freezer.