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Traditional Construction Techniques

Alexis Writing

In today's fast-paced world, many processes have been modernized in order to increase efficiency and drive down costs. In the construction world, there's still a place for traditional methods and techniques, often yielding higher quality, more unique results than those achieved with modern construction processes.

Traditional construction techniques use different materials.


Traditional construction refers to the methods and techniques employed for centuries to build houses and other structures. In the United States, builders sometimes refer to traditional construction methods as “brick-and-mortar.” Some developers call traditional methods “stick by stick.” This terminology refers to the fact that traditional construction methods, from the early design to the building process, are hands on.


A variety of materials can be used in the traditional construction process, from concrete floor slabs to brick walls. Concrete clocks are often used in building foundations or for load bearing walls due to their high level of strength and durability. Similar to concrete blocks, lightweight aerated block, also known as aircrete block, is available. Aerated block can also be used for building foundations and walls, but has a higher level of insulation.


The advantage of traditional construction techniques, particularly in housing construction, but also in industrial building, is the level of uniqueness achieved. When working with an architect, a consumer has choice and freedom to modify; the architect has the option of creativity. When more modern construction techniques are utilized, most homes are built in a similar style. In the case of modular homes, the components are fabricated at a factory to be constructed on site quickly. The use of traditional construction techniques often results in a sturdier home of higher quality.


The disadvantage of using traditional methods of construction for housing and other building is that the process takes longer. The construction process is more involved and can require hiring higher-skilled designers and builders. This can add significant construction costs; materials and labor are more expensive.