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Types of 2B Gravel

Walter Koh Jun Ren

When remodeling a garden or driveway many people turn to gravel as an attractive alternative to cement or brick. The type of gravel known as 2B is composed of washed stones that work well for drainage. No stone is larger than 1.5 inches, and the smallest stones are 3/8 inch in diameter.

Gravel works well in landscape design.

You can find a variety of types of 2B gravel on the market today.

River Gravel

River gravel is one of the many types of 2B gravel available. With natural earth tones these stones make an attractive option for landscaping projects. The stones are rounded, as if they were shaped by the erosive forces of a river, and can be described as perfect skipping stones.

Limestone Gravel

Limestone 2B gravel tends to be used for construction projects rather than landscaping work. It is commonly used for drains, to backfill retaining walls and to provide a base material for construction. Limestone 2B, with ash coloring, is less attractive than river gravel, but it compacts well, which makes it an excellent choice for building projects where gravel is needed. Unlike rounded river gravel, limestone gravel is irregular in shape.

Washed Stone

Simply referred to as washed stone, this product represents the most inexpensive 2B gravel available. Washed stone is used in landscaping for patios, walkways and edging. With a mix of both rounded and fractured stones and the large variety of colors available, this type of gravel is an attractive choice for both the eye and wallet.


Slag is the byproduct of metal smelting. With its dark color and crumbly appearance it is generally avoided for landscaping projects but makes an excellent base for concrete and driveway material. If you decide to purchase slag be sure to ask whether your supplier carries no-dust slag or slag with dust, and discuss which variety will work best for your specific project.