How to Install Drywall in a Double Wide

Owen E. Richason IV

In the past, mobile homes, also referred to as "manufactured homes," came factory-equipped with interior wall paneling. This paneling is placed over the wooden wall studs and conceals the insulation between the wall and the home's interior.

Drywall has largely replaced paneling, as it can be painted and repainted any color; moreover, it has no discernible wood grain like paneling. Mobile home owners can either replace old paneling or drywall once the old paneling or drywall has been taken down.

  1. Set drywall panels against the exposed wood studs in the manufactured home's wall.

  2. Secure the drywall panels to the mobile home's interior wall studs with drywall screws, using a screw gun. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 as necessary until the entire wall is covered with drywall sheets.

  3. Adhere drywall tape over the joints where the new drywall panels meet, then spread joint compound over the drywall tape, overlapping the tape between 1 and 2 inches using a drywall knife. Let the joint compound dry as long as the manufacturer suggests.

  4. Attach fine-grit sandpaper to an orbital sander and smooth the joint compound, making it flush with the newly installed drywall sheets. Wipe the walls down with a tack cloth to remove the dust.

  5. Pour primer into a paint tray and apply a coat of primer to the drywall hung in your manufactured home with a roller. Allow the primer to dry for about three hours.

  6. Paint the new walls in your mobile home with a paint color of your choosing. Let the first coat dry, then apply a second and third coat as needed to finish.