DIY Indoor Miniature Waterfall

Amanda Fetherlin

Listening to water trickle down rocks is a soothing way to relax after a long day working. Building an indoor miniature waterfall is easy with a little creativity and a few items found in the backyard or a walk down the beach. For an environmentally pleasant tabletop fountain, use rocks, sticks and shells.

Small stones add earthy elements to a miniature waterfall.

To add organic allure to your bedside table, use living plants and a rock bedding that brings the soft, peaceful noises of a living waterfall.

  1. Center an 8-inch diameter ceramic bowl with a depth of between 4 and 6 inches on a 12-by-12-inch ceramic tile. Matching the bowl and tile colors adds aesthetic appeal to the project.

  2. Set a small water pump, less than 100 gallons per hour, in the bottom of the bowl. Dangle the electric cord over the back edge of the bowl.

  3. Attach clear 1/2-inch diameter tubing to the pump spout. The tubing needs to be long enough to reach from the pump to the top of the waterfall design. It is best to have more than enough tubing attached to the pump during set-up.

  4. Arrange smooth, round rocks, shells, and crystals around the pump and in a creative design around the tube. Add other earthly items, such as twigs, plants, and moss.

  5. Cut the tube at the position on the rocks where you want the waterfall to start. Use a piece of rock to staunch the water flow to bring it to a trickle.

  6. Pour water into the bowl until the pump is covered.

  7. Tip

    Add a candle to the project to make the wet rocks shimmer.


    Check the level of water each day. Keep the pump covered in water to keep it from running dry and burning out