How to Clean Paint Off of Bonded Leather Furniture

Kimbry Parker

Bonded leather is constructed using leftover scraps from real leather. These scraps are then shredded into fibers and mixed with latex binders and adhesives. Although bonded leather looks like genuine leather and is durable, care must be takien when removing stains such as paint.

Clean paint from bonded leather carefully to preserve the integrity of the fabric.

Clean paint from your bonded leather furniture with the right products to avoid damaging the leather in the process.

  1. Mix warm water with two to four drops of mild, bleach-free dish soap. Moisten a soft rag with the soapy water and gently wipe as much of the paint from the leather as possible. Dry the leather with a clean, soft rag.

  2. Pick off the remaining paint with the tip of a pin or thin knife. Do this very carefully so not to nick or cut the leather.

  3. Dampen a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining paint. Rub the cotton swab gently over the paint spots until they are gone. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove the residue.

  4. Moisten a cotton swab with non-acetone nail polish remover as a last resort. Wipe the swab gently over the paint spots until they disappear. Clean the area with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

  5. Warning

    Some removal products may take a bit of pigment out of the leather, so always test first in an inconspicuous area. Use nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol sparingly when cleaning paint from your bonded leather furniture.