Tegular Vs. Nontegular Tiles

Scott Thompson

Even though suspended ceilings are more convenient for repair and maintenance than other types of ceiling, they are often considered to be less aesthetically pleasing.

Tegular tiles are a type of suspended ceiling tile.

Tegular tiles, which hang down from the suspended ceiling grid rather being flush with it, may be more aesthetic than traditional ceiling tiles depending on your tastes.

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are often seen as being less desirable than traditional ceilings from an aesthetic standpoint. This is largely because they give the impression of being artificial or looking like they belong in a large institution, such as a hospital, rather than a more intimate setting, such as a home. However, they do have several advantages. One is that the panels can be easily removed if you need to access pipes or wiring for maintenance purposes. Another advantage is that a household emergency, such as a broken pipe, is likely to do much less damage from a financial standpoint.


If you've decided that you want to install a suspended ceiling because of the convenience, there are several options with different aesthetic effects. The traditional "square edge" design hangs directly on the suspended ceiling grid. The "tegular edge" design hangs a quarter of an inch below the grid, so the ceiling looks like a field of protruding squares. There is also the "concealed T" or "shiplap" design, where the tiles overlap with each other.

Choosing Tegular Tiles

Tegular ceiling tiles can be slightly more complicated to work with depending on the project. If you use a standard square edge tile, you can trim pieces to fit when you need to. Because of the protruding square on a tegular tile, it can be difficult to trim them to size if you need a smaller tile in a certain spot. When considering tegular versus nontegular tiles, you will have to weigh the aesthetic factors against the potential for added difficulties.

Making Your Choice

The visual effect of a tegular tile ceiling is more interesting and appealing to many people than the standard square edge design. As a matter of personal taste, of course, not everyone will agree. The "beveled tegular edge" design is the same as the tegular edge but has rounded corners on the hanging squares. This variation on the tegular tile design has a softer look. Ultimately, the decision to use a tegular tile design is a matter of preference. If the only concern for a particular project is the convenience of the suspended ceiling, tegular tiles offer no additional advantages. If convenience is a concern but you are concerned about how the ceiling will look when you are done, tegular tiles are one of several options to achieve a pleasing result.