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How to Measure Diagonal Tile Cuts

Shanika Chapman

When tiling a wall or floor, adding the element of diagonal tiles can make the process more complicated. However, taking the time to properly measure the diagonal tiles that need to be cut will ensure that you have a clean, professional-looking job without wasting materials. When purchasing tiles for a project, it is typically recommended that you buy 10 to 15 percent more tiles than you calculate for the space. If excess tiles are unused, many retailers will allow them to be returned if they are not custom tiles.

Diagonal tiles can add an extra level of style.
  1. Measure the width the diagonally cut tile needs to be by measuring the distance from the tip of the right angle of the space where the tile will be inserted to the hypotenuse, which should be the wall or other boarder you are tiling to. It is also crucial to ensure that this measurement is perpendicular to the wall or border to get an accurate result.

  2. Draw a line on the tile to be cut connecting two opposite corners. Use a straightedge to ensure that the line is straight.

  3. Use a T-square, protractor or other measurement device to draw a line perpendicular to the first line, extending to the corresponding corner.

  4. Measure from the corner down the line to the measurement from Step 1. Mark off the measurement and draw a perpendicular line to the mark.

  5. Cut along the line on the tile to cut it to size. Wear eye protection when making the cut to ensure no injury results from pieces of the tile breaking off. Repeat this process for each tile, as each tile that needs cutting may vary in size.