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How to Cut Mirror Tiles

Alex Smith

Mirrored tiles are used in decorating for a variety of reasons, from making a room look bigger to the simple desire for reflective surfaces. Sometimes these tiles must be cut to fit into a certain area.

Mirror tiles can be cut into custom sizes.

Cutting a mirror tile is not complicated, and they are inexpensive enough that it doesn't matter if you damage a few while you get the hang of the technique. Master the procedure and cut tiles with ease.

  1. Clean the tile with window cleaner and a paper towel.

  2. Measure the space that you need for your tile.

  3. Transfer this measurement onto the tile with a permanent marker. Use a ruler to keep the line straight.

  4. Place the tile on a flat table.

  5. Clamp a straight edge to the tile and table with two clamps, positioned next to the marker line. The clamps must have rubber grips to protect the mirror surface.

  6. Hold a class cutter at one end of the line and, using the straight edge as a guide, pull the cutter toward you along the line, applying steady pressure to score the mirror.

  7. Remove the mirror from the clamps and place it, scored-side up, onto a wooden dowel. The dowel should line up with the score line.

  8. Apply steady downward pressure with your hands on the tile on each side of the scored line. The tile should break cleanly along the score.

  9. Remove the marker line with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball.

  10. Warning

    Wear gloves when you snap the glass to protect yourself from sharp edges.