How to Install Vinyl Sheets in Shower Walls

Steve Smith

Vinyl sheets protect the interior walls and floor of your house if the shower pan begins to leak. Installing these sheets is fairly straightforward, but it must be done correctly. Vinyl or EPDM rubber are available at home improvement or plumbing supply stores. These vinyl sheets are also called shower pan liners.

  1. Measure the area of the shower floor with a tape measure and cut the vinyl sheets to size. For the best protection against water damage, the sheets must extend at least 2 inches above the curb on the shower walls.

  2. Caulk the top of the drain base installed in the shower floor with silicone caulking. Make sure only the bottom half of the drain is currently installed. If the top flange is installed, unbolt and remove it, then caulk the top of the drain. Install the drain bolts but not the top half of the drain.

  3. Set the vinyl sheet in place on the floor so the sides cover the curb and run up the walls. Cut the sheet at each bolt in the drain, so it slides over the drain bolts and cut a hole in the vinyl sheeting over the drain opening. Use a sharp razor for these cuts.

  4. Spread the vinyl sheet up the walls, fold over the corners and tack the sheet to the walls with a hand staplers. Make sure the sheet is smooth and wrinkle free all around.

  5. Connect the drain's top half by removing the bolts and screwing the top half to the bottom half. Tighten the bolts with a wrench.