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How to Assemble a Bed Frame Rail Clamp

Kimberly Johnson

Bed rails are made of wood and metal, and attach to the headboard and foot board to construct the bed frame. Metal frames sometimes uses rail clamps that are shaped like a “C” to hold them together. These clamps allow owners to adjust the length of overlapping rails depending on the size mattress they have.

Rail clamps hold the bed frame together.

Although the rail clamps have a very basic design, assembling them onto the rails can be confusing.

  1. Pick up the rail clamps, shaped like a flattened “C.” Locate the center screw shaped like an “L” and twist it counterclockwise until it extends out of the clamp by half.

  2. Assemble the bed rails as instructed by the manufacturer's instructions. When you reach the overlapping rails that require a clamp, simply lay them on the floor in the proper alignment.

  3. Lift up one side of the rail that requires attaching and step to the side of it that is concave, meaning the bottom edge faces toward you instead of the corner facing you. For most bed rails, you will stand inside the frame during the clamp installation.

  4. Slide the “C” shaped clamp over the rail with the “L” shaped screw facing toward you.

  5. Pick up the other rail and align it with the first rail until they overlap at the proper location.

  6. Hold the rails together with one hand and slide the clamp down until it resides over the point where the rails intersect.

  7. Grasp the “L” shaped screw and twist it clockwise until you feel resistance. Release the rails and the clamp, and ensure that they stay firmly together. If sagging occurs, tighten the screws further.

  8. Install all of the remaining rail clamps in the same manner. Some bed rails require clamps at each corner, while other adjustable beds only require them in the center of the rails.