How to Attach Glass Doorknobs to Wood

Victoria Bailey

Glass doorknobs were common in new houses from the end of World War I until the beginning of the 1950s, when styles changed and modern metals were more in vogue.

Glass doorknobs are a rare lucky find in antique stores.

If you're lucky enough today to find some glass doorknobs in a thrift shop or antique store, you have the raw materials for an attractive coat rack or even a jewelry holder. Find or purchase a decorative piece of wood for the backing and you can showcase your antique find while creating a useful piece of decor.

  1. Take your doorknobs to a hardware store. Try out a variety of bolts to find the correct size to fit into the knob's interior. Purchase one bolt for each knob.

  2. Measure the width of your wooden piece. Divide this measurement into equal amounts, depending on the number of doorknobs you have. Add one more than the number of knobs. If you are using four knobs, for example, divide the board into five equal parts.

  3. Measure the height of the board. Find the halfway point on the board height and mark a line across the board to show the middle. Mark a dot on the board at each dividing line you calculated for the width. You should have one dot for each doorknob.

  4. Drill a hole slightly larger than the bolts at each marked spot on the board.

  5. Slide one bolt through a hole with the head of the bolt on the back side of the board. Insert the tip of the bolt into the first doorknob. Tighten the knob by screwing it onto the bolt. Hold the knob and make the final few turns with the screwdriver in the bolt at the back of the board.

  6. Attach the rest of the knobs to the board in the same manner. Hang the board on the wall by attaching any type of hooks or hardware made for wood plaques or picture frames.