How to Dispose of an Alkaline Battery

How to Dispose of an Alkaline Battery. There are several theories about disposal of alkaline batteries. Some say that alkaline batteries collected in massive amounts are dangerous if transported because they may come back to life from the electrical charge of so many batteries.

Others say that the alkaline batteries are dangerous to the environment, but many companies have removed the mercury and other harmful substances from the batteries. Here are several ways to dispose of alkaline batteries.

  1. Call the department of sanitation in the community where you live. Ask if there are special waste pick up dates or if there is a special waste drop-off site close by.

  2. Throw batteries in your household trash. The trash has a lower concentration of batteries and dead batteries are less likely to come back to life and cause damage. Until better disposal ways are discovered, use your trash can.

  3. Separate large quantities of batteries before throwing them in your household trash. This will help to prevent the batteries from recharging.

  4. Keep batteries away from fire. Never dispose of batteries in the fire. They can explode and cause injury to you and the environment.

  5. Ask your local civic leaders where to dispose of the batteries. The discussions on how to dispose of alkaline batteries are rapidly changing and the civic leaders will be the ones who know what the best way to dispose of the batteries in your community are.