How to Change the Battery on a Genie Intellicode Keypad?

Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The battery in your Genie Intellicode keypad does not have a specific replacement interval. Nevertheless, the battery will require replacement from time to time.

You can determine if your battery level is low by looking at the small LED light above the keypad; if it blinks red when you enter the code, the battery is fine; if it doesn't blink red, the battery requires replacement soon. The Genie Intellicode keypad uses a standard 9 volt (9V) battery, which is available at most stores.

  1. Push open the Genie's front cover to access the keypad. Look beneath the keypad to find the plastic battery compartment.

  2. Press the indention on the battery cover to remove it. Set the battery cover to the side.

  3. Pull out the 9V battery with your hand. Disconnect the terminal plug from the old battery.

  4. Attach the terminal plug to the replacement 9V battery. Insert the battery into the compartment.

  5. Push the battery cover against the battery compartment to lock it in place.