How to Install Brick Molding

Joey Pellham

Installing new brick mold trim is a good idea if your old trim is rotted or just worn out. Brick mold trim is used around windows, doors and even garage doors as a preferred trim of choice. Brick mold trim comes in wood or PVC material, depending on your climate and needs.

Installing new brick mold can add to the appeal of your home's exterior and is not difficult to install. It comes in a variety of sizes too, in case you need to trim out your 8-foot door or garage door.


Save any old trim so you can use it for a template when it comes to cutting down the new brick mold. Check for any dry rot you may have. Check to see what condition your window or door insulation is in while you have the trim removed. Paint or stain your new brick mold as desired.

  1. Put on all protective gear, which includes the first four items listed in the "Things You'll Need" section of this article.

  2. Cut away any old paint or silicone from around your old molding, which may take some time as multiple layers could be built up from past years.

  3. Pry off the old molding with a crowbar. Pull out any nails with the hammer. If there are screws holding the trim in place, remove them with the cordless drill and screw bits.

  4. Pull the old trim carefully off the wall.

  5. Set up the chop saw and the 6- to 8-foot long table to help hold the brick mold in place when you make your cuts.

  6. Cut your trim down. Make all corner cuts at a 45-degree angle so the pieces fit together nicely.

  7. Nail the new brick mold around the window or door with the 8 penny nails and hammer. Or use the stainless steel screws with the cordless drill. Place nails or screws about every 2 feet or so, working your way around the window or door.

  8. Apply a bead of silicone with the silicone gun and silicone to the edge of the new brick mold. Let it dry for several hours.