What Is a Prefinished Door?

George N. Root III

A home remodeling project includes several elements such as windows, siding and doors. Installing a door can be a challenge, especially for inexperienced homeowners who are trying to save money on construction labor costs. A prefinished door is an option that many do-it-yourself homeowners might want to look into.

A prefinished door can save you money.


A prefinished door is one that has all of the preparation work done at the factory using precise equipment. This includes painting or staining the door, cutting holes for the door latch and deadbolt, removing any imperfections in the surface of the door and cutting out flush hinge mounts and pre-drilling the holes where the hinge screws will go.


Prefinshed doors can be metal, wood or vinyl-covered wood. You can get interior or exterior prefinished doors that have windows, peep holes and mail slots already cut and installed. You can purchase a prefinished door from the home improvement store retail floor, or you can discuss having a custom prefinished door made to meet your own specifications.


One popular variation of the prefinished door is the prefinished/prehung door kit. This is a prefinished door that is mounted into a complete door frame and leveled on its hinges. When this door kit is installed, it only needs to be leveled at the frame as opposed to having to level the frame and then leveling the door inside the frame, as well. The kit also insulates the door inside the frame, which means that the installer only has to insulate between the frame and the wall to complete the project.


Staining or varnishing a door slab can take time and be a difficult process. Many interior doors are stained or varnished, and an inexperienced person can create runs and discoloration in a staining or varnishing project. Not only does the prefinished door eliminate the toxic fumes and days of work required to stain or varnish a door, but also it delivers an even coating job that makes the finished installation look professional.