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How to Install Suntuf Roofing

Emily Patterson

Suntuf Roofing is an easy to install roofing, privacy wall or wind break that can be used to improve outdoor areas. Tinted Suntuf roofing can provide a shady area for outside entertainment. Clear sheets can provide a cover from rain for outdoors in all weather while allowing full sunlight.

Suntuf Roofing can also be installed vertically to create an inexpensive privacy wall. According to the manufacturer, pitch for installation of Suntuf Roofing as roofing should be greater than 5 percent.

  1. Install with “This Side Up” sticker facing up. If installing vertically, the sticker should face the area with the most sun exposure.

  2. Cut Purlin or battens and screw across roof rafters. Purlin or batten should be spaced mid span 1000 mm (3.25 ft.), end span 800 mm (2.5 ft) for corrugated (rounded crests and valleys). Spacing should be mid span 1200 mm (4 ft), end span 900 (3 ft) for Greca (flat crests and valleys).

  3. Measure from the peak of the roof to the edge of the roof.

  4. Mark the roofing at several intervals and use a straight edge to connect the marks to get a straight cutting line.

  5. Cut Suntuf Roofing with a circular saw with a fine toothed blade according to the measurement. If the area requires more than one full sheet of roofing, use the cut piece on the lower end and the full sheet from the top edge. The top sheet should overlap the bottom sheet.

  6. Fasten on every third crest for the centers and every second crest around the edges such as near gutters or edge of roof. Overhang should not exceed 50 mm or 2 inches. Do not over-tighten the fasteners.

  7. Overlap on a crest and screw on raised section so edges face down to prevent water from running into the roofing. Overlapped top exposed edge should be opposite the main wind direction to prevent wind from pulling up Suntuf Roofing sheet.


Keep Suntuf Roofing looking new by washing with warm soapy water.


Place a board across at least three purlins to be used for walking on if needed while installing. Always wear safety goggles or glasses while cutting Suntuf Roofing.