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How to Build a Hot Tub Skirt

Hot tub skirts can be a place to sit on, used as a table for drinks or food, or even used as an accessory shelf. Either way, they are so practical, no hot tub should be without one.

You can make a simple hot tub skirt relatively quickly, but be sure to do the work during a period of time when the weather will be clear to avoid rain delays. This 2-by-4 box frame skirt should easily be sturdy enough to allow someone to sit on it, and is an ideal place to have snacks or drinks at the ready.

  1. Determine the lengths of the 2-by-4s you will need to build your hot tub skirt. Ultimately, you will need 16 2-by-4s total, four that are the height (minus 1 inch), four that are the width and four that are the length of your hot tub. You will need an additional four that will serve as the shelf of the skirt. Two of these should be the width and two should be the length. If you have a 6-foot hot tub box, your skirt can be as long as your box is. Assuming this, you would need four 2-by-4s that are 6 feet long. If your hot tub box is 36 inches high, you would need four 2-by-4s at 35 inches high, allowing one inch for the skirting material on top so that it will be flush with the top of the hot tub itself. Then you will also need four 2-by-4s to complete this frame and serve as the corners.

  2. Attach your frame. You will use two of the length 2-by-4s and two of the width 2-by-4s. A skirt should be based on a solid frame, so attach the 2-by-4s with self threading screws to the entire hot tub enclosure. You must be careful to make there is enough room to sink a screw, because you don’t want to damage any plumbing. Check the user manual to ensure that installing a skirt is an option for your hot tub. It will be in nearly all cases.

  3. Extend the 2-by-4 frame down the sides of your hot tub, from end to end. You will use the four "height minus 1 inch" 2-by-4s to make the corners of the frame. Attach the pieces using at least two screws at each end. If it appears wobbly, then use more screws for added security.

  4. Make your base. Cut eight 2-by-4s to 12 inches long, and screw them (two on each side) into the bottom board so that they are extending away from the hot tub. The number you will need will depend on how long your hot tub is. These 2-by-4s help support the bottom of the skirt, so put one near each end of each side.

  5. Attach a 2-by-4 to these two 12-inch boards, screwing them together. The longer 2-by-4 should be the same length as the side of the hot tub, and screwed into place with the widest side of the board facing out. Once you have done this on each side, you should literally have a completed wooden box frame attached to the hot tub at this point.

  6. Attach your panels using the screws. This will cover your frame and complete your skirt. Use plenty of screws for security. For conformity, your panels should match the material of your hot tub box. Since most hot tubs are surrounded by either cedar or redwood, use these woods.

  7. Water seal the panels. Use at least two coats, and let it dry completely between applications.


If your boards are unfinished, then you may need to sand them to prevent splinters.


Wear safety goggles when you are using any power tools, and wear snug fitting clothing that will not easily snag on your tools.