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How to Make Gamefowl Pens

Keeping your gamefowl safe and all in one place is a primary concern for their keepers. There are many predators ranging from wild animals, such as coyotes, to even domestic cats and dogs. Rather than paying a professional to put one up you can make your own in order to keep your birds safe and save some money in the process. The following plans will build a 6-by-18-by-6 foot pen, the plans are easily modifiable to increase square footage.

Keeping your gamefowl cooped up will keep them safe from predators.

Step 1

Select a flat plot of land to build your pen. Pick a spot it will be hard for predators to get to, in order to to keep your gamefowl safe. You should also select a spot that will not bother your neighbors. Be sure to take into consideration the future noise and the odor that your birds will create.

Step 2

Dig six holes in the ground. Make two rows of three holes deep enough to bury the cement footings to the point where the top of it is flush with the ground, then bury the cement footings.

Step 3

Screw your 4-by-4s to the footings with the power drill. You want them to stand vertically and be stable.

Step 4

Nail stud brackets between each set of 4-by-4s so that they face each other. You want one at the top, middle and bottom of each 4-by-4.

Step 5

Drill your 2-by-4s to your 4-by-4s using your stud brackets. Do this for every section. They will be horizontal on top middle and bottom of every section but one, leave out the middle 2-by-4; this will be where the door goes.

Step 6

Construct a door out of the 2-by-3s. Two 6-foot 2-by-3s will be the sides and three 3-foot 2-by-3s will be the cross bars going across the top, middle and bottom. This is done by simply nailing the boards together.

Step 7

Nail stud brackets to the top and bottom 2-by-4s in the open area, 3 feet from the left. Screw a 2-by-4 to these brackets. Nail the two hinges on the upper and lower thirds of this board.

Step 8

Nail your previously structured door to the two hinges. You can either install a lock to the door or just use a chain and a padlock to keep this door closed.

Step 9

Staple the chicken wire over the entire frame. To further prevent predators from reaching your gamefowl, be sure to bury your chicken wire a few inches into the ground. Be sure to cut the chicken wire at the opening side of the door and it will swing open freely.