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How to Build a Bird Feeder Holder With a 4X4 Post

Katherine Barrington

Bird feeders in the backyard attract wild birds. If you enjoy the sight of wild birds all year round, consider installing a permanent bird feeder holder. A simple bird feeder holder can be made from a 4-by-4 inch cedar post. Customize it by topping it with a wooden bird feeder and adding a variety of perches and other things to attract birds.

Mount a bird feeder on a wooden bird feeder post in your backyard.

Step 1

Determine the location for your bird feeder holder. Place it in an open area of your lawn or garden, several feet away from trees so squirrels will not be able to jump from a tree onto the feeder. Also consider from which you will watch the birds; position the holder adjacent to a window or door.

Step 2

Cut a piece of 4-by-4-inch cedar post to the desired height of your feeder plus 18 inches. Dig an 18-inch hole in the ground and place the wood 4-by-4 in the hole. Fill in the dirt around the post and pat it firmly.

Step 3

Drive four pieces of steel rebar into the ground, one on each side of the post flush with the wood. Drive the rebar into the ground so about 2 feet of it sticks up, securing the post in place.

Step 4

Cut a 4-by-4-inch hole in the center of a plastic garbage can lid and slide it onto the wooden post. Drive four nails into the post at the desired height of the lid and set the lid on top of them. The garbage can lid will prevent squirrels from climbing up the pole to get to the bird feeder.

Step 5

Mount a wooden bird feeder on the top of the post. Secure the vertical end of four L brackets to the wooden post with wood screws, creating a platform with the horizontal ends of the L brackets. Place the wooden bird feeder on top of the L brackets and secure it in place with wood screws.

Step 6

Screw small metal hooks into the side of the wooden post at different heights to hang suet cages and pieces of fresh fruit. You may also choose to drive nails into the post and drive ears of dried corn onto the nails for birds to enjoy.