How to Build a Wood & Wire Fence

Tanya Khan

A fence increases security, contains livestock, bars entry to scavengers, demarcates a piece of land and prevents young children from going outside your property. Create a 5-foot-tall strong and sturdy fence that uses wooden posts and wire mesh to create a safe area in your yard.

Install a wire mesh fence in your yard.

Depending on personal preference, you can create a gate on one side to allow easy entry and exit. Although building a sturdy structure requires elbow grease and takes time during installation, the result will be a stout fence that can last a long time.


Always wear eye protection and work gloves when handling wire fence materials.


  1. Measure the area you want to fence to determine the location of the posts and the amount of wire you will need. Divide the figure by 7 if you're placing the posts every 7 feet, or 12 if you're going to set the posts every 12 feet. Spread powdered chalk to mark the spots for the posts. Add two extra posts to the resulting figure to use for the gate.

  2. Dig a 24-inch-deep hole in the ground directly over a marked spot, using a post hole digger. Tamp the base of the hole with a tamper so it is level. Dig holes for the remaining posts the same way.

  3. Add water to concrete in a wheelbarrow and mix it with a trowel. Add a 6-inch-thick layer of concrete to the base of each hole and stand a post vertically over it. Pour concrete into the hole until it's 4 to 6 inches from the top, and leave it to cure.

  4. Add dirt over the concrete in the hole once it is dry. Tamp the soil with your hands so it sets in place.

  5. Unroll the bale of mesh fencing wire. Have someone help you stand it up against a corner post.

  6. Wrap an end of the wire around the corner post. Pull it taut and attach it to the post, using a heavy-duty staple gun and galvanized staples. Insert a staple at the top, middle and bottom of the post. Add extra staples along the post for added stability, if necessary.

  7. Extend the bale of wire to the second post. Have someone hold the bale firmly as you pull it taut before attaching it to the post with staples. Repeat this procedure of stapling the mesh wire to the posts along the area, until you reach the last post (next to the first post). Cut additional wire, using wire cutters.


  1. Measure the space between the two corner posts to determine the height and width of the gate. Keep it as tall as the fence, but 6 to 8 inches fewer in width than the spacing to accommodate the mounting hardware.

  2. Cut lengths of wood to the desired size, using a handsaw. Assemble the four sides to form a frame, using a drill with screwdriver bits and galvanized screws.

  3. Lay wire mesh over the gate frame and staple it along the edges. Cut off any excess with the wire cutters.

  4. Stand the gate in place. Mount two pairs of hinges on one side of the gate and the adjacent post. Install a latch on the opposite side of the gate and the adjacent post.