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How to Build a Wood Basket Weave Fence

Vicki Elander

A wood basket weave fence is an aesthetically pleasing fence typically used for privacy as they will block the property from view. The degree of privacy can be varied by changing the height of the fence. These also work well on a sloped terrain as the posts can be raised and lowered. The wood is woven for beauty.

Step 1

Saturate the bottom third of your posts with wood preserver and let sit overnight.

Step 2

Figure out where the fence should be located. Mark off the area with stakes starting at the corners and then spacing them 6 to 8 feet apart.

Step 3

Dig the fence post holes with the post hole digger deep enough that one-third of the post will be underground. Put two to three shovels of gravel at the bottom of the hole. Insert the post and then pack with concrete or dirt. Use a level to ensure the post is straight and then brace the post to keep it in place. Pile a small mound of dirt around the base of the post to prevent puddling. Let these set for 4 to 5 days.

Step 4

Install the bottom rail, if desired. Verify it’s straight and level. Cut two 1-by-2 inch supports and attach one to the back edge of the post.

Step 5

Cut your fence board to a length 2 inches longer than the distance between your posts. Attach one end of your fence board to the support. Repeat until the fence is the height you want.

Step 6

Cut two 2-by-2 inch spacer boards to use for weaving between your fence boards. Weave the spacers between the boards and ensure they are straight. Attach the free end of the fence boards to the support.

Step 7

Attach the second support board to the posts such that the fence boards are sandwiched between the two support boards.

Step 8

Install the top rail if desired.