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How to Climb a Wood Fence

Patrick Bryant

Wood fences exist in various sizes and designs, but most are built with the same principles in mind. Wood fences are typically built by crossing one or two long, horizontal support beams with thin vertical rafters and thicker vertical posts. You will be able to climb most wood fences using the same easy-to-learn method. Although climbing wood fences is not difficult, you should always look for an opening or a door in a fence before attempting to climb it.

Most wood fences are built using the same principles.
  1. Locate a vertical support beam--these are the thicker posts that intersect the horizontal beams--and grab hold of it with whichever hand you consider to be your stronger hand.

  2. Step onto the lowest horizontal cross-beam with the foot that is opposite the vertical beam, i.e. if your right hand is on the vertical beam, then step onto the horizontal beam with your left foot and vice versa. Be sure that you plant your foot close to the vertical support beam (about a shoulder-width apart) to maintain good balance while you climb.

  3. Pull yourself up to get your other leg onto the same horizontal beam. Keep a firm grip on the vertical support beam as you push up with the leg that is already planted on the horizontal beam (this should be the leg that is opposite the vertical support beam).

  4. Grab the top of the fence with the hand that is opposite the vertical beam and lift the same-side leg up and over the top of the fence. If you grab the top of the fence with your left hand, then lift your left leg up and over the fence. Be sure to support your weight and maintain balance by keeping a firm grip on the fence with both of your hands.

  5. Place the hand that is on the vertical beam beside your other hand on the top of the fence, but do not cross your arms to do so. Keep a firm grip with both of your hands and bring your other leg up and over the fence.

  6. Lower yourself down slowly to place your feet on a low horizontal beam. Check the distance from the ground. If it is safe, jump down. If it is too high, continue climbing down in the same manner.