How to Install a Delta Scroll Saw Blade

Kittie McCoy

Installing a blade on a Delta scroll saw is a simple process. The blade should fit into the machine easily and it is important not to force the blade, as that could cause damage to the scroll saw.

Installing a new blade is necessary when operating the scroll saw for the first time or when changing a blade due to damage or wear and tear.

  1. Unplug the scroll saw's power cord.

  2. Remove the table insert. The table insert is a round piece of the scroll saw table.

  3. Pull the tension lever forward. This lever is located on top of the scroll saw, above the table insert.

  4. Push the blade holding locking levers to the rear. There are two levers; one underneath the table and one above. Carefully remove the existing blade from the saw by hand.

  5. Insert the bottom of the new blade into the blade holder under the scroll saw table through the hole in the table. Press the top of the blade into the upper blade holder. The teeth of the blade should be pointing down, towards the table.

  6. Pull the blade holding locking levers to the front to lock the blade in place.

  7. Replace the table insert.